Hilmie’s Rendang Tok

Ground Ingredients
-500gm meat
-10 red onion cloves
-4 white men
-1 inch of ginger
-2 inches of galangal
-5 lemongrass sticks
-1 inch of live turmeric
-2-4 spoons of ground chili

Dry spices, twigs and dry grinds
-2 spoons of coriander seeds
-1 spoon of cumin
-1 spoon of white cumin

Sauteed spices
-1 inch of cinnamon
-4 cardamoms
-6 cloves
-1 door

-1 piece of turmeric leaf
-Condensed coconut milk 1kg
-Brown Sugar
-Crack 2-4 spoons

Grand master spice
4 types of hilmie’s bbq spices mixed with the same amount

Mix the ground ingredients with the meat and marinate overnight or 8 hours.

1.Saute cinnamon, clove, cardamon & star anise with a little oil until fragrant and add the meat. Cook until the meat juices are dry.
2.Add ground chili and dry spices and stir-fry until fragrant.
3.Add the thick coconut milk and boil until the meat is soft.
4.Add sugar and hilmie’s spice and crackle. Cook until dry.
5.Add water or liquid coconut milk if the meat is not yet soft. Cooking time between 3-5 hours for tastier.

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