Hilmie’s Fried Chicken

-300gm starch
-50gm corn flour
-50gm rice flours

Suggestion :
Chicken cut to size. If possible, use chicken size 1.2 kg for tastier and softer

1. Put the chicken in a container and put a mixture of flour and water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every 1/2 chicken.
2. Mix evenly to make coating flour. Do not be too thick or runny. You can add hilmie’s spices for more flavor but don’t overdo it so that the chicken we fry doesn’t burn quickly.

The dredging process
1. Prepare a container of plain water or ice water.
2. Take a piece of chicken that has been marinated and dip it into the mixed flour, ice water and return to the mixed flour.
3. Repeat until the chicken is finished. Place the chicken in the basket and shake until we see the flour has started to look crusty.
4. Fry in a lot of oil at a temperature of 150-160c. Avoid and stir the chicken in hot oil. Fry at that temperature and medium heat until the chicken pops.
5. Lift and toss the chicken and sprinkle with hilmie’s spices for more flavor.

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